Whatever the Outcome

Do you know what the most common reason for failure is?

Giving Up!

That is the only cause of true failure, which incidentally may just be the right thing to do. Giving up is sometimes the best way to stop something that may not be right for you, allowing you to see, find or apply a new approach. But as far as feeling like a failure, which is commonly how we label not achieving something and making it into a negative thing, then giving up is the only way you can say "I have failed".

Not achieving something because "something went wrong", "somebody screwed me over" or "the stars just weren’t in my favor" is simply an outcome. What there is to remember is that you will always have another opportunity. It just may not look the same as the one that you missed.

Opportunities are created, but knowing how you create them is the key to how many you get, or rather get to notice. This is why developing your awareness in every moment is critical to "Creating your own luck" as they say. Knowing the order of how you create your successes will unlock all the "luck" you may currently find evading you right now. It took me some time, but after patient studying new information and applying it, stumbling, "failing" and growing in my own self awareness things have changed for the better and are still changing for the better.

Once you are in a state of allowing great opportunities you will understand that creating them isn’t about working for them so much as working on yourself to be in a state of mind to see them and invite them. Opportunity will then come knocking because it will be like you have put a big sign on you door saying "Welcome opportunity, please knock and come in!".

You know like those people who always seem to have great opportunities fall into their lap without ever seeming to be looking for them.