Is There a Movie in Your Head?

This is the first article in a series based around what are known as Mind Movies and the whole process of visualization and affirmations.

I got myself a Mind Movie creation kit and made myself a Mind Movie, which is basically a video containing a picture slide show, music and text affirmations that combine to form an emotionally engaging design for life. It’s alright, but it won’t change your life just watching a movie. It is good to help you get into the feelings you need to start attracting the things you want in life.

Pictures and sound really do have quite a strong effect. The point of this? To manifest the life of your dreams. Sounds a bit too easy really doesn’t it? But the experience reminded me of what I was doing a couple of years ago.

A Visual Experience

Let me start off by back-tracking to July 2007. I came across a term called neural reconditioning (well we know where that led me!) and after becoming familiar with how it all works on a basic level I started to experiment with ways to reprogram my own mind. After writing down my Life Vision and Purpose, things I wanted to achieve, experience & acquire along the way and making a list of the ways in which I wanted to contribute to the world around me I decided to record my voice reading it all out with some inspiring music that I wrote as the backdrop. It was really exciting and I committed myself to listening to it morning and night whilst reading through it.

I also decided to gather pictures of the things and concepts detailed in what I had written and I made a photo slide show out of them also with some happy sounding music. This slide show also included things that I already had in my life which made me feel good, like my wife-to-be and my guitars! The idea of this was to trigger the emotions that would be the most effective for manifesting the things I desired. It worked to some degree, although I didn’t keep it up much past the first month. However, having committed myself to doing at least 30 days (I think I managed 40), some things did begin to take shape that were in line with what I was affirming and visualizing using these tools. The most notable was the monumental shift in my creativity and my day-to-day lifestyle, which led me to what I am doing today: Pretty much exactly what I had wanted since the end of 2006: I left the office!

Visualization has been very effective for me and this is why I continue to apply it. My recommendation is to visualize in different ways. I am a big believer in writing things down, which is a daily practice for me and this is as much a visualization process as watching a movie, except it doesn’t evoke strong enough feeling for some people. My suggestion is that you just write anyway because it is a great way to exercise your imagination and become more adept at getting into the emotional state you desire in order to see the manifestation of your goals more quickly.

Stop Questioning

My suggestion would be to try visualizing the life you desire as often as you can and definitely every day. The main point is that you don’t really need to know how it works, but trust that it does. You won’t magically make your dream house or car appear before your eyes, but you will notice and therefore be able to act upon more opportunities to acquire them. That’s the basis of all of this: Awareness, not magic.