Are You Experienced?

Of course you are! Your whole life right now is the result of your experience, or rather your perception of your experiences up until now. Let me explain.


Everyday Affirmations and Visualization

You are visualizing and affirming all the time. In fact I have written about this before Unconscious Affirmations. Your subconscious takes images that you have either seen before or imagined before and stores them for future reference to similar situations, so that you are able to identify possible danger, familiarity and to make sense of your world through reference. It keeps you safe in a familiar world that you can navigate through. Of course the danger prevention aspect is only really relevant to physical, life-threatening situations like being chased by a lion or under attack in a war for example, so it is an ally for your physical survival – The Fight or Flight Response.

However, the ego has evolved so cleverly that it uses this very mechanism to keep itself protected, so whatever beliefs and values you gave your ego as you developed are the very things that the ego now automatically protects in order to keep itself relevant, much to your frustration a lot of the time no doubt: Things like avoiding humiliation, not being disappointed and worrying about what other people think of you. None of them particularly life-threatening as you will no doubt agree.

It’s just a matter of survival and the results are successfully perpetuated because of the emotional importance of the affirmations you make to yourself and the images you conjure up in your head all the time. A lot of the time (if your results in life are not how you want them to be) the emotions running the show are fear, resentment, anger and a whole range of so-called negative emotions, so the process of deliberate visualization is obviously to re-paint the picture of your world with the colors and the experiences that you desire, which requires genuine emotions that are exactly in line with what you want to feel in your heart. For nearly every person on this planet I would say that the fundamental emotion desired above all else is happiness. If we were all happy, we would not want for anything and would probably have a much easier time getting the things we want by not getting in the way of them with less-than-useful emotions. We would also be dealing with other people who were content and happy, thus causing us to feel better too, so it would be a positive, self-fulfilling prophecy to be happy. Sounds good right?

Well forget trying to make the whole world happy right now and focus on the one person you can convince – YOU.

Visualization, Affirmations and Emotional Triggers

If you are into the idea of visualizing your dream life and are wondering what the missing ingredient may be to the process then it is no secret that the most essential ingredient is positive emotion. It is not enough to simply look at a picture of your favorite Mercedes Benz until one shows up in your life for real… of course. However the fact that it is your favorite car indicates that it has some sort of emotional meaning to you, so what is going on behind the scenes?

The easiest way to describe this secret of achieving your desires is to feel the way you will feel once achieved already. In essence the advice to simply choose to be happy right now puts all the pieces together because if your ultimate desired state is to be happy then start with the feeling now and you will become more naturally focused on the things that make you happy, attracting more and more of them into your life. Even things you hadn’t thought of before. The feeling of being happy being the instructions you are giving your subconscious to go and find for you.

There, you no longer need to buy any more books about how to manifest your desires! Just books on how to practice being happy, which I am more than happy to write! Watch this space!

A perfect example of an effective daily practice is of course, meditation, which I talk about here quite a bit, especially meditation aided by audio technology such as brainwave entrainment. If you want faster results then that’s definitely the way to go. This is all about self awareness, nothing more. Every success and breakthrough will come with more self awareness because you can see more clearly things you are doing that don’t work for you and therefore replacing them with things that do work.

Hey life really is that simple if you allow it to be.