A Little About Our Minds

The brain has the capacity to “rewire” itself. In fact it is doing it all the time, except usually, beliefs are reinforced over time. Normally, overwhelming evidence to the contrary can change your beliefs very quickly, but even that is not always enough. A continuous and relentless impressing of what you wish to automatically believe or focus on – Example, you want to make more money or simply be a happier person, you have to keep telling yourself the new belief until it starts to stick

A Healthy Mindset

This website provides tips and suggestions for improving and developing a more consciously-focused way of thinking toward that which you want to accomplish in life. In short, what you think about (even sub-consciously) the most, generally becomes your reality and experience, so a positive mind, helps create a positive experience.

Articles, tips and any other insights, gained from personal experience are published here (mostly) on a weekly basis, so subscribe to the Neural Recon Report and you’ll always have a reminder to focus your mind in a positive way if you get stuck into automatic patterns of thinking.