Dare I Mention Giving Up?

Deciding whether you are on the right path or not and whether giving up on a particular intention is the right thing to do or not is a decision steeped in great personal power and is all part and parcel of the power of certainty.

Giving up is no failure if you know it is the right choice to make.

With a powerful sense of certainty, you will be far more confident in making your decisions as you move toward your goals and this includes knowing when to give up on a either a particular move you previously committed to or the goal as a whole.

Giving up on a particular approach can free up your awareness of another, more effective route to success. I have lost count of the number of times I have experienced and witnessed in other’s pursuits, the process of "Banging one’s head against a wall" chipping away at an elusive target when sanity kicks in and there is a voice that says:

"You know, now really is the time to stop this. It is not working. It would be far better if you just took the family to the beach, went to see a movie or something like that. Just forget about it today. It’s just making you stressed and ill"

Once that decision is made a simpler solution is always round the corner and happens so suddenly and so effortlessly that it makes me wonder why I don’t take that approach much more often. Well that is to be human I suppose!

Also to give up on an entire goal is not necessarily giving up at all. What you thought you wanted may just have been a result of achieving something different; something that incidentally is much easier to achieve and has obvious ways of achieving very easily right now or very quickly. So be aware that your own mind can fool you into a trap of putting all your energy into something futile if you don’t practice awareness as to what you really want. Be certain!

Giving up doesn’t sound much sticking to your guns does it? But as counter-intuitive as it seems, it’s exactly that. Think of it not as giving up, but as dropping an inefficient practice in favour of a better one coming up to take it’s place along with bigger rewards and fulfillment!