Mindset Tip – Patience

Patience is a virtue as the saying goes, but it’s not always easy to exercise patience is it? Or is it?

To succeed in any goal you must exercise patience and here’s how. Get clear about your goal, have it defined in your mind as something rather than just an idea, then get on with your life.

With your clear vision in mind (you put it there, remember?), you can go revisit it any time and tend to it. The more it takes root, the more you will find inspiring ideas pop into your head to move closer to the goal, but you still have to live your life. Patience isn’t about waiting. I don’t know anyone who can comfortable just wait and wait.

What do you do if you are waiting for something or someone? You occupy yourself, so there’s the answer. Stay occupied and enjoy your life with some faith that what you truly want is being taken care of.

There’s more to it of course, but it doesn’t all fit into this one tip.