Let Life Take Care of the Logistics

The biggest challenge for most of us is letting go and allowing things into our life. It’s not that the intention isn’t to allow wealth, happiness and love into our everyday life (who doesn’t want all that?). It’s more a case of a habitual belief that the life we want for ourselves must be bent into shape and so many of us try and force the situations and people in our lives to fit our desired vision as it were.

The truth is that a hands-off approach is what actually works, even though that is counter intuitive.

Let’s say that you have a dream of doing something you love for a living. It is creative, what you feel passionate about and doesn’t feel like a job at all. You try for years to make it work and it never quite works out and you find yourself jumping back into work that you know will pay your bills, but doesn’t inspire you.

All the time though you still do what you can think of to make your dream job happen, even though it looks like it is never going to happen. You don’t have enough time to focus on your dream and we all know that to make something happen you have to put your back into it and sweat at it right? Yeah right!

So one day, you quit your job because you just can’t stand it and it is making you miserable, which is unhealthy. The same week you pass by a place that is directly connected to your chosen dream vocation, so you decide to contact the person concerned and introduce yourself. You seem to get along well and you have a common interest with similar skills and talents that differ enough for you both to complement and teach each other.

In a short period of time this turns into a friendship and working relationship, providing you with an opportunity to do what you love for a living, improve yourself in what you do and you no longer need the alarm clock to wake you up every morning! Your relationship with your family improves, they are happy because you are happy and the world suddenly seems to be filled with happier people than you remember seeing before.

What am I talking about, what do I know? Well the above scenario is a true story. I happen to know because it is my story from 2010. Without the need for more details. I found a job which I thought would be my dream job, hated it, left it and then found what I am doing now. The person I met was new to the area and I couldn’t have possibly “done” anything to make them appear, but it was their appearance that made what I am doing now possible.

I did the ground work by simply doing what I wanted to do with whatever time I had to do it and with the belief that I would be doing it “for real” at any time. I then stopped thinking about when or how and just simply focused on the part of enjoying the process.

Leaving the job I hated simply put me into a different state of awareness at the right time. If I had still been driving the same road every day with my mind on “Not wanting to go to work” I may never have noticed the sign of the place that gave me my opportunity.

So to summarize. I didn’t “make” any of this happen. I simply allowed it to happen. I just didn’t know consciously what I was allowing in specific detail. The details are that it came at the perfect moment and in the most perfect form.

Now that is how you manifest. There is no skill involved, simply trust and patience and action, but don’t confuse action with having to “do stuff” all the time.