Awakening One – July 31st

I like to think of this Holosync diary as an intensely realistic and super-honest, ongoing review of the Holosync program, seeing as I do have affiliate links that earn me a commission whenever somebody buys after clicking the link on this website; it pays for the hosting fees and other expenses I have running the site. I want to remind readers that I only review things that I have purchased myself and I review them with total honesty.

So what is happening right now is quite intense. It’s not simply Holosync by itself really, but it is a demonstration of how different people experience Holosync and self-growth tools in general when facing change and re-order. I decided some time ago to change my life, quite dramatically and I have got to the point where my safety mechanism is trying to warn me that I am breaking the rules of who "Rob" is supposed to be and to be honest it’s really very uncomfortable, even though I know in my mind that I am on the right path, which is the path of self-discovery and growth.

So what about Holosync then? Well I am very close to the day when I am supposed to move onto Awakening Level 2, but I am about to fire off an email to Centerpointe support (they are very good at responding to any questions) and asking them if I am ready because the sleeping thing has returned. I have had the most torrid meditation sessions for the last week where, no matter how much I try I cannot stop my head falling and dropping off to sleep several times during my session. It’s very likely that I am worrying about this too much, but at the same time I am wondering if my little mind is still finding this stimulation just too overwhelming and maybe I should continue on this level for longer until this effect has stopped.

This is the thing with Holosync. I have read several opinions on the internet from people who believe Holosync is doing them brain damage and that it is dangerous. My opinion on that is not worth repeating here, but I can understand that some people’s way of reacting to the changes (improvements in my opinion) are a danger and are then perceived as damage. To those people I say, simply stop using it if you can’t get yourself out of that opinion. It will be far healthier for you that way.

At this stage of the program I would say I am starting to experience some feelings that I believe some people could perceive as damage or harm because what is really happening is that I am becoming aware of aspects of me that I don’t want to admit to (without going into detail, my lack of commitment, lack of belief in myself, other minor dysfunctional behaviours that I normally associate with other "screwed up" people, but not myself ;-). I hit a very low point a few days ago and felt the way I had felt at a previous low point a few years back, which I swore I would never allow to happen again. I felt like I had gone completely backwards instead of forwards, but I also have gained enough awareness using this program for a year now that there is no such thing as backwards or forwards, better or worse or anything like that. The only direction for growth is in magnitude, not merit. Growth is the result of increased awareness of who you really are compared to who you are normally being and Holosync does seem to go directly to the job of heightening this awareness.

I have set myself some very big goals; goals that are bigger than anything I have ever believed possible for me before and reprogramming the not so empowering beliefs into empowering ones, so I am really putting myself through it, but I believe that I simply would not develop as a human being or get near any worthwhile goals at all if I didn’t put myself through this massive test.

So the news with this entry in the Holosync diary is that things are not all rosy and lovely and comfortable, but if they were then I would probably be asking for my money back and just go out and buy some relaxing, chill out music instead. Remember that meditation is not some weird, spacy, cosmic feeling that lets you meet Elvis or Jimi Hendrix, floating around "up there somewhere" It is a discipline and it’s benefits, which are normally described as less stress, more happiness etc. are the effects of you committing to a process of strengthening the muscle of your mind to allow you to perceive reality in a much less distorted way than simply through the unconscious filters of your map of reality, which in turn means that many of the things you feel at the mercy of or suffer because of dissolve because you stop seeing them as causes of your suffering and instead effects of your projection of what the world out there is to you as a separate self who is open to attack.

There is also another gripe I have when I hear people complain about the time commitment of one hour a day being just too unreasonable. What do you think meditation is? Holosync accelerates the progress of traditional meditation, but you still have to apply some discipline. Traditional meditation would take you about five hours a day for the rest of your life to give you the same amount of growth that Holosync can give you.

Whilst I never say anything is impossible I would say that it would take some amazing new technology that could accelerate your mind through a growth program like holosync with just 2 minutes a day for a couple of weeks. Everyone would be able to erase nearly all their suffering and the world would be a very peaceful place indeed. The person who creates that will become richer than Bill Gates and no mistake. That is if the world still needs money at all by then, seeing as we will be so blissed out on love!

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3 comments on “Awakening One – July 31st
  1. Betsy says:

    I am curious about where you have read that the Holosync program causes brain damage. I recently purchased the Awakening Prologue and am anxious to get started. I stumbled upon your website and am appreciative of your candor in your review, but I am spooked about your comments regarding brain damage. I have also purchased the program for my elderly father (with whom I am in business – he’s a virtual genius) and I would never want to be responsible for placing him in harms way. I “googled” the claim of holosync causing brain damage and did not come up with anything.

    Thank you.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Betsy. Thanks for the feedback.

    First of all I apologize if my comment causes you any worry and if I am a little inaccurate with the term ‘brain damage’. I did read somewhere that people thought it may be harmful. There is NOTHING to worry about at all.
    I read in an article and a couple of comments to that article where people were suggesting that the Holosync technology could cause harm.

    I cannot find the article in question. I will try and find it and send the link to you.

    Some people are fearful of what they don’t know and fearful of change in any form. Saying ‘Brain damage’ is just sensationalising this fear. When people fear it is doing them harm, they are usually interpreting their experience (a headache, feeling grouchy, feeling different etc…) as harmful because they are not accepting responsibility for those feelings and they are basically focusing on what they do not want (Holosync is not responsible for that).

    Please do not worry. All I am saying is that Holosync is not always an easy ride for everyone because you are affecting deep change. If you know what it is you want in terms of benefit from such a program and focus on that then the question of whether Holosync is good for you or not will not even become apparent.
    The fact that you ‘Googled’ it and did not find any mention of brain damage anywhere is obviously a good sign, so go with the facts and please don’t allow this post to help you create any new ‘facts’ based on fear.
    You have nothing to fear.

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Betsy.
    I sent you some links to the aqrticles and comments I had seen before about peoples concerns about Holosync. Personally I belive that they are totally off the mark and have made judgements with no real evidence to back it up. Also I did see the term “brain damage ” refered to in the article, which I think is total nonsense.

    I hope you received the links and I hope your mind is at rest.
    Be well.

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