Awakening Two August 2008

This latest entry in the diary is not so long. there isn’t really much to report, at least not in the sense of actual results. Of course the whole point is whether results are what is important, seeing as everybody will have their own experience of the program anyway.

After fourteen days on just the dive on CD 1, which is the first half-hour track. I am now engaged in Awakening Level 2. The sleepiness I was experiencing towards the end of the last CD in Awakening Level 1 is not really an issue anymore, although I can feel that this next level is stronger already.

Today was the first whole one-hour session of the new level and it was the quickest hour I have ever experienced. Did I fall asleep? I don’t actually know for sure, but I was fully aware of track 1 ending and track 2 beginning and also the end of the session. I didn’t seem to suddenly wake up to find the CD finished, so I can only guess as to what really happened. Of course it is just possible that I was very deep in meditation and this would explain the complete time warp I experienced.

After all deep meditation is not too dissimilar to sleep in terms of brain wave activity, but there was definitely a nothingness, no dreaming. More like a void. Impossible to describe properly with words and that is as much analysis as I’m going to make otherwise I’ll be in danger of making something out of it instead of simply observing it.

My life has changed dramatically in the last year. This is no exaggeration. In fact I can say it is almost a paradigm shift for me. I started Holosync a year ago. Prior to that I was reading material from people like John Assaraf (The Neural Reconditioning process), Bob Doyle (Wealth Beyond Reason) and David Cameron Gikandi.

I am now living in a tropical paradise on the other side of the world from my home country. I write songs and produce music and I am newly married to the woman of my dreams – Update October 2009. I now have a beautiful baby girl. All of that was unthinkable to me a year or so ago, although about year ago, after wishing I could do this for some time, I decided to focus on actually making the change and making it work.

Of course, the truth is that all of the reading and studying has contributed to where I am now, including all the ‘non-self-growth’ experiences. Just going to the supermarket has some influence on what comes next, so I cannot put everything down to using Holosync and I don’t, but I have to go back to the point where I decided I wanted my life to be more like the way it is now and what stopped me from making the changes. Whether a coincidence or not, that was when I chose Holosync.

Would I be here now, living my dream lifestyle if I hadn’t purchased Holosync? Maybe, or was it the John Assaraf material that made the difference, or Bob Doyle, or David Cameron? I believe it is a fundamental error to look at things in this way. Everything is interconnected:

I hadn’t heard of David Cameron or John Assaraf until I started to study Bob Doyle’s material and whilst I had heard of Holosync before, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or trust in purchasing it if I hadn’t gone through John Assaraf’s material, so here we are. Also after starting Holosync I then learned of Bill Harris’s Life Principles courses, which I also started and this to me is an essential partner to Holosync.

If it wasn’t for any of the aforementioned stuff I wouldn’t have quit my safe, but unfulfilling job (not that I was ever ungrateful for having that job), moved to a new country, got married in a totally different culture to my own and I would not be so purposefully and passionately following my dream of making a living form my what I love doing the most. Writing songs and producing music.

Who do I owe this all to? Well no one person or product actually, but to everything, including myself. All I know is that what I have engaged with in the last year has given me access to the personal power I have now, which everybody has incidentally. Holosync has been instrumental in this. It has to have been, seeing as I have been using it almost every day for just over a year and it is not just the tangible results that I can see as benefits either. I have so much more of an understanding of how I fit into this thing called life and what insights I have gained in only one year, even when at that time I thought I knew a lot about myself. In comparison I knew nothing and I’ll most likely be saying the same thing again a year from now.

As I have made clear at The NRR, I am committed to providing only authentic and honest reviews, accounts and information based on my own experience. Therefore any product recommended by me is because I have spent my own money on it and through my own experience can then give an informed opinion on whether I believe it is worth investing in or not.

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