Don’t Know What Your Beliefs Are?

Look around you. What is your life situation right now? Would I be right in saying it’s pretty much the same as it was yesterday or the day before? Is it likely that it will be pretty much the same tomorrow?

Therein lies the answer to what it is you belief about: What is possible for you, who you are and what is real. Your beliefs are most often not the same as what you would like to believe or indeed think you believe on a conscious level. Your beliefs exist in your sub-conscious, placed their by you over time and have become entrenched in your habitual thinking and your self image.

There is a specialist technical term used in a very specialist piece of telecommunications equipment by a large European manufacturer, who I used to work for to describe the process of programming the system to connect two pieces of hardware to establish a communication path via software. This term is referred to as a “Semi-Permanent Connection“. It is named so because once set up it creates (in a software sense) a hard-wired connection between two pieces of hardware, but by performing the software commands in reverse (and some other esoteric procedures) it can be disconnected and the two pieces of hardware are then free to be used elsewhere again.

OK, sorry for the technical analogy, but this leads me to explaining how beliefs are akin to semi-permanent connections. As a result of certain experiences as you grew up, you made decisions about what that experience meant about you and how you fit into this world, or more simply, you created a belief about how reality is. Over time, with the seed of that belief already sowed, your awareness of this view of reality (subconsciously remember) caused you to pick up on more instances of similar experiences and further evidence supporting what you decided was the truth about the world, reinforcing the belief and feeding it.

In terms of the chemical activity in your brain, you were setting up a semi-permanent connection in the brain and certain neurons literally became wired together and the more evidence you saw of this belief along with strong emotional content to these experiences, these connections became more strongly wired as more and more brain chemicals were created around that neurological connection and in essence, more and more wires were connected to make that connection fixed in place.

As a child you would be unable to make a distinction between what happened to you and the intention behind what it was that happened to you, say being scolded by parents for example. They’re intention may have been to teach you something to keep you safe, but you interpreted it as you being bad or not good enough… you get the picture right?

So instead of a programmer, programming a semi-permanent connection with software commands, you programmed a semi-permanent connection with the biology of your brain, activated by your perception and interpretation of events.

So the good thing about this is that the connection is Semi-Permanent remember? So any belief you have that causes you to get results in life that you do not want can be rewired, but like the software procedure for a semi-permanent connection it takes a little work and application to un-do it all.

The first step is identify what the belief is in the first place, so you can find out how it is causing you to create the same results over and over again. Then and only then can you make any changes. You need the foundation to start from.

This is a good way to start:

Take some time, undisturbed and do not stop to do anything else. Turn off your phone, move away from the internet and turn off the TV! Now take a pen and paper and start writing down what you would love to do with your life. What is it that would make you 100% happy, fulfilled, loving life and eager to get up in the morning? You may already know, or think you know, so start by writing that. This is an exercise in focusing your mind on what you want – unsurprisingly! Pay special attention to how you feel as you write down all the things you would love to do, be or have in your life. Some will cause an emotional stir, some may just sound good, but not really mean so much to you and some may even make you cry.

What this process will do is highlight any beliefs you may have about what is possible in your life. For example if you write down a desire you have and you know it is a true heart’s desire because you have a strong emotional charge when you write it down or think about it, try to determine if there is any voice or feeling in your mind about whether this is possible or likely. If you find yourself feeling strongly desiring something and are saying to yourself, “Yes but that can never happen”, first congratulate yourself on having exposed a negative belief and then question why that belief is there and the validity of that belief. The only thing that makes “Yes, but that can never happen” true is the belief from which that statement arose. It is not The Truth, but a Truth.

I come up against beliefs I didn’t know I had often and I love it when I do because I know I am not far away from a breakthrough in a certain area of my life. Even just discovering a belief is there reduces it’s power over your life, so even if you feel like you’re getting nowhere with transforming or eradicating the belief, smile and know this:

I guarantee you are making progress, even when you cannot see any physical evidence for it. Faith is key and is another point I will cover in another article.

Good luck with exposing your beliefs and unstitching those semi-permanent connections and please comment with any experiences you have of your own.