Real-Life Report from Month 6

After nearly two years of Holosync I paused my use of it. The reason was that I was very keen to try out the Brain EV System due to the amazing claims by the creators of the program. In order to report on something that I thought could be of great value and benefit I decided to try it out for myself. Here are the results.

Well I’ve come to the end of the program and unsurprisingly, in the end, I’m still me!

This is a good thing of course as I’m quite happy being me, but what I mean is that I don’t feel ‘improved‘ or ‘fixed‘, but that’s good too because there’s nothing to fix and any improvement can only come from me and my attitude anyway.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

A meditation program such as this won’t actively change your life. It may very well however, help you to develop what is required in your own state of mind to bring about the changes in life through a more effective way of being. the Brain Evolution System has definitely had an effect and to be honest I think it still has more in store for me, even though the sessions are over.

The good thing is that the different levels can be revisited at any time from now on, so the program still has a useful purpose as a meditation aid and so after a few weeks break from any brainwave entrainment I will sit down and look at what is next.

Do I resume my Holosync Sessions? I am due to start at Awakening Level 3, but I don’t feel of the mind to do that. Will I revisit the Brain EV System? I really don’t know right now.

I think it’s healthy to meditate, but the possibility of using meditation as a crutch, whether assisted by CDs or not isn’t healthy. I mean it’s not healthy to feel bad because you didn’t meditate today. I will however try my hand at some unassisted, natural meditation. After just over 2 years of using CDs to assist me I think it’s about time I put in some “work” on that and perhaps I will be better equipped to get into a meditative state naturally than I was before.

The meditation diary will continue, whatever I decide to do and I will provide as much detail in my reporting as possible. I feel ready to try meditating the old-fashioned way for a while!

As for Brain EV. I am still impressed with the program and still lean toward agreement of their pretty bold claims. If you check the product page they proudly describe the Brain EV System as the most powerful self-development tool on Earth and who am I to argue? I do definitely feel shaken up by it, but in a good way. On one hand it has woken me up to more of myself and another it feels like it has played a part in steering me in a slightly different personal direction.

I made what I refer to as a wrong turn in the middle of 2009 where I found myself on a path that really wasn’t in line with who I want to be. I woke up to that fairly quickly and I’m glad it happened because it could have happened further down the line and I am now clearer than ever about what I want to achieve.

And… This is big for me. I now feel more patient and confident than I thought possible.

Patience is a very complex, but essential quality and for the first time I think I am beginning to know what true patience really is. Is this because of the Brain EV System? Well I wouldn’t count on it, but for 30mins a day, 6 days a week I believe it must have played a part somehow.

Bottom line – and this goes for any form of meditation. More awareness: That’s the result and more awareness is the biggest gain you can have because more awareness brings with it more opportunity, wisdom, ability to deal with challenges and ability to inspire and help other people, which is great.

Don’t ever underestimate meditation. It’s powerful.