Real-Life Report from Month 5

I was very keen to try out the Brain EV System due to the amazing claims by the creators of the program. In order to report on something that I thought could be of great value and benefit I decided to try it out for myself. Here are the results.

Month 5 came and went in a flash and the effects have been subtle. I spent most of October, whilst meditating with CD5 falling asleep or at least feeling like I had fallen asleep. Time to do a comparison with earlier stages in the series:

Every session using CD1 had the effect of feeling like I had enjoyed a good night’s sleep although I was definitely more conscious than simply being asleep and using the other CDs as I progressed through the program, at times I have experienced a sense of an absence of time, which could have been due to the fact that I had fallen asleep except it did not feel like that at all. I was more consciously aware of the depth of the state I was in, especially the rising up back to normal, waking consciousness as the CD drew to a close. I’m not talking about waking up after the CD has finished (that happened a couple of times). I am talking about being taken deep into a meditative state, at times akin to sleeping, but with some level of consciousness as if I was watching myself sleep.

With CD 5, this was very apparent, although for the first time during the program I was left feeling rather lethargic after the meditation session. As each stage increases in intensity of brain stimulus I was not alarmed or surprised by this. In past months the sessions were making me feel refreshed and wide awake. I soon realized that this CD worked much better if I used it late in the day, before going to sleep at night. The feeling of being so tired and sleepy after listening to CD5 was getting in the way of my productivity a little bit, so once I switched the time of the session to night time it worked much better for me.

I can only speculate of course, but I imagine the stimulus of this Brain EV installment was pretty strong and pretty deep, which I conclude was taking me deeper into meditation than I have been before.

So after the descriptive details of the experience, were there any results or insights from month 5. Yes!

Again it is only fair for me to stress that any conclusions I make are speculative, based on my own perception of experience. I could have had the same results without ever doing any meditation, but then life could just be a series of co-incidences that either you happen to walk into or not and I don’t believe life is as random as that.

My Results

Ideas! Loads of them, but not just flaky or absurd ones. I mean very real ideas for things I want to do with my life, big ones that I can see have potential for providing me, my family and my friends with many life-benefits and fulfillment if they were to be pursued and a very real connection to the resources in my awareness that will help me realize these ideas and intentions. I do come up with ideas a lot of the time, but they normally come and go, get forgotten about or just present me with the perception that I can’t realize them because they are too big for me. This time I am instinctively saying to myself ‘Sounds like a big one, bring it on. I’m ready for ya!’. This sounds like somebody else and it excites me. I am definitely discovering that many things I wished I could be but never believed I was are actually true and growing before my eyes.

This time however I am not focused on how I can make such big intentions happen, but instead focused on the fact that it is going to manifest one way or another, in some form because it is an intention, rather than just a nice idea. I am relishing the prospect of playing a totally different role in my life to the one that I have remained comfortable but stationary in for years.

‘Who I am’ started to change a couple of years ago and I broke through a huge barrier to become what I needed to become in order to experience being the person I wanted to be, which I believe was helped tremendously by meditation (I started Holosync in Aug 2007). Now I have outgrown my old role, whatever it was and I can feel a more natural process of growing into a new and bigger one, rather than feeling the need to and fearing whether I am able to or not.

Much of those less confident feelings and fears have slipped away and I am at peace with the fact that the rest of my life from now on is full of challenges because I know I am becoming more capable of meeting those challenges all the time no matter how big they get.

I am now beginning the final CD – number 6 ‘Fusion’.

Whatever the outcome of any of this and whatever happens to be the case I can tell you that the benefits of meditation, any meditation are huge. I encourage you to meditate, whatever way you feel inclined to do it. A friend of mine goes running every morning and that is his meditation. It doesn’t have to be sitting crossed legged holding crystals, going ‘Ommmmm’.