If it ‘aint Broke Don’t Fix it?

You’ve probably heard that old saying many times and quite probably said it yourself many times too. I know I have, but why?

It sums up, possibly the most uncreative attitude in existence because it assumes that nothing should be created or investigated unless there is a necessity for it. It is based on a thought process that is determined only by what is already known with no emphasis on what could be.

Just because something works now, does not mean it could not be made to work better. My belief is that the saying "If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it" is one that originated in the realm of business where time spent analyzing current systems that work are a mark against productivity and therefore profits. This also leads me to believe that it is a philosophy based on safety and caution – in other words – Fear.

Whilst the above outlook appears sensible on the surface, the irony is that such investment in time (notice I didn’t say waste of time?) can result in an already working system becoming more productive and profitable, which then opens up something greater for other aspects of a business to improve too, so what appeared initially as an unproductive use of time, may end up being the very thing that saves a company.

Why else would there be any need to update software, bring out a new model of a current, successful model of car etc? If it works then that’s good enough right? Well, seeing as us humans crave excitement and get bored very easily that is reason enough to take something that works and make it better. There’s more to life than just "getting through it" the way things are.

Don’t wait until there is a problem to be fixed to be creative. Be creative as often as you can. New ideas come more easily to those who practice the art of thinking creatively more often, so I suggest asking yourself every day, whatever the situation may be. "How could this be improved?"

It’s not a case of everything needing to be improved, but more a case of keeping things fresh and interesting. I for one an open to life being interesting and inventive rather than repetitive.

There is always a way, so take what works and fix it!