Get in Early!

Here is one of the most effective tips I can think of for this time of year. Remember how New Year’s Resolutions only seem to last as long as the New Year? (which is how long?). Our promises to ourselves get forgotten almost as soon as the New Year hangovers have subsided, but now you can change all that with this simple technique (sounds like a sales pitch doesn’t it?).

This works for me, so I know it can work. Choose your New Year’s resolution now, this minute. Make that promise to yourself now before you have time to make any excuses not to carry it out and by the time New Year comes, you will have nothing to feel guilty about because you will have or will be very close to cementing a new, unbreakable habit that includes your new desired change.

Example: "I’m going to get fit and eat healthy". OK, do what I did. Cut out those rich foods that you are likely going to have too many of at Christmas through to New Year from now. The reason it will be so hard to start being fit and healthy after New Year is the fact that you will have spent weeks putting yourself further back and the initial push to get your momentum going in being true to your promise will be a huge effort and most likely will make you give up.

I did this in 2007. Come the end of November I decided to cut out sugar and junk food. There was less pressure because I hadn’t made some New Year’s Promise about it. I also thought that eating a load of crap over Christmas would feel like I was undoing all the great work I had done prior, so I would be less inclined to indulge. I was right. It worked and I looked and felt a million bucks by the end of December, just about a month later.

If you already know you don’t need to exercise any discipline until next year then you are on dangerous ground. You are likely to do two things:

  1. You will over indulge, even more than normal because you will say "I’ll be working this off in the new year" (dream on!)
  2. You will be feeding your body toxins that actually cause craving for more, as well as damaging your body, so once your start date for "Being good" comes around, your body will react far worse. In fact you’ll probably injure yourself and be unable to go to the gym for a month (How often does that happen to good intentions – coincidence?)
  3. You’ll feel bad about yourself and get your promising year off to the worst start possible. Start the year feeling invincible. Trust me it will make the world of difference.

OK that was 3 things, even worse. So get to work on your promises now and don’t look back. Focus on what you want, but don’ wait to do so, get on with it now!