Holosync Diary – Awakening 2 May 2009

24th May 2009

Did you hear the one about the Zen monk who goes to the hotdog stand? He asks the vendor "Make me one with everything".

First of all I apologize for the corny joke, but I heard that one from Bill Harris, the director of Centerpointe Research Institute and the creator of Holosync. Well he didn’t tell me personally, but I read it. This is one thing I very much like about the work of Bill Harris and Centerpointe.

It demonstrates an outlook that relaxes me and gives me confidence. To know that I am using a product that is not only effective, but is also one that gives me a welcome feeling and one which doesn’t demand I take too seriously. Apply discipline and commitment, yes, but not to identify myself with at the cost of any sense of fun. Meditation can be seen as a really serious practice and of course it is an important one, but is anything really serious when all judgments and labels are suspended?

So it is at this point that my entry in the diary is a little thin on the ground as far as progress with the meditation is concerned because I have not been practicing for nearly a month. Without going into the details or making excuses I involuntarily paused the Holosync sessions, but I feel really cool with that. I am back on the case and on the final CD of Awakening Level 2. Awakening 3 is already in my possession and in about 2 months I will be on the next level.

As far as progress goes I believe that this break has given me some space to really see the benefits of what I have been disciplined in doing since August 2007 and I feel really good about the fact that I didn’t hit a down or a slump because I wasn’t meditating. This means that my meditation is not a crutch and it means that the effects of the program have longevity, being in effect long after any practice is finished. I suspect that the claims from Centerpointe are true that the effects are permanent and once your brain has grown in terms of it’s ability to handle higher thresholds of stimulus it doesn’t fall back.

I still think I would be further ahead with my progress if I hadn’t taken the break, but this evidence is valuable to me and I hope to anyone reading this who is thinking about embarking on the Holosync program or just starting out. My conclusion is that it’s worth it folks. I still stand by the fact that this is the one product that has consistently been helping me to gain the increases in personal power to create my life by design. It just seems to run in the background although the results definitely take center stage.

Edited October 2009. Whilst I believe Holosync is a great tool – after my experience so far with the Brain Evolution System I would recommend that if you are considering a meditation program then start with that because it is only 6 months in duration bringing with it very noticeable results. Holosync is several years commitment if you choose to continue it, whereas Brain EV is a 6-month commitment, which considering the results I have experienced is more for your money too. I will however be continuing my Holosync meditation in 2010 with Awakening Level 3

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2 comments on “Holosync Diary – Awakening 2 May 2009
  1. joyce says:

    hi. been following your website. have been on holosync for 3 years, now at awakening level 3, going onto awakening level 4. stumbled on your blog because i was looking to share experiences with another user of holosync. i am the only one i know, besides you, who meditates with holosync. yes, i stopped a couple of times too, but always returned to it. i am not living the life of my dreams yet, but i am very peaceful and tranquil internally.

    one of the best effects of holosync is the increased sense of inner peace , even when i am pissed off at something, or disappointed. i know that deep inside me, is a well of tranquillity, and that the tempests are all on the surface.

    i got on to dream manifestation because of your recommendation.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Joyce thanks for the comment.

    I find it hard sometimes to see just how far I have progressed towards my own goals. Sometimes I get a flash of insight and I realize that I am living the life of my dreams even if all the physical factors haven’t been fulfilled.

    If I compare my life now to what it was 2 years ago then I realize I am living exactly what I was dreaming about. There are still pieces of the puzzle to complete, but the progress I have made just gives me more certainty about what I’m doing.

    I would recommend you look back and make some comparisons like that. You may be pleasantly surprised. I also talk about this in my new book, which will be released soon.

    If you haven’t signed up to my newsletter then please do so now because you’ll get the book and everything else that comes with it for free if you subscribe before the end of May. It costs nothing to join the mailing list. You may be interested in http://www.leavetheoffice.com too.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

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