Mindset Tip – Clarity

CRYSTAL! Clarity can make the difference between success and failure. You can experience what appears to be a failure, but if you’re still clear about the goal on the other side and still certain about it, it is not really a failure. It’s just evidence that it was not going to be realized in that particular way.

Failing to achieve a goal because you didn’t really have a clear idea about what the goal really was on the other hand is a failure. That’s not to say that makes you a failure, but to highlight the fact that you can only really achieve what you want if you know what it is. Without clarity, what are your actions for? Why are you taking them?

You can try many different angles to achieve what you want and each angle that doesn’t work out is the removal of another obstacle, which will eventually allow you to see the right way.

Rule number 1:

Get clear today. Know what it is you want and flesh out the details in your mind. If you want many things, just start by getting clear on what you feel is the most important one. No need to overdo it – baby steps and all that!