We’ve All Done it Haven’t We?

Admit it. How many of you have consulted The Magic 8 Ball when you are worried about the outcome of something? It’s understandable. It’s human nature to reach out to some magic power to give you hope, when really it’s all down to being responsible for standing by your commitment to whatever it is you want to happen. I admit I have found myself in the past quietly consulting it’s “mighty wisdom and power”, only to get really frustrated when the answer is “Ask again later”, “Reply hazy” or “Don’t count on it” 😉

I want to tell you my story of how certain things in life have unfolded for me, but first here is my theory on how The Magic 8 Ball works and in a manner of speaking it does work very well… if you allow it to and this is the basis of my theory.

The Power of Focus
Going over some ground covered in the Neural Recon Report before, you attract what you focus on the most. That is to say that the results you experience are determined by habitual thought processes, beliefs and values you have, all at the subconscious level. The reason for this is that this programming is set up to help you function as who you are as a person. It is there to filter out all information that surrounds you that does not align with your focus, beliefs, values etc… Have you ever tried to get someone’s attention and they are engrossed in something that they are obviously really interested in, like a good book or a dumb TV show. You call their name several times, you shout… twice and finally they hear you, waking up from their trance-like state. That is the programming in action. Your calls to attention had to be amplified and intensified for them to rise in importance for that person enough so that they would notice. Annoying? Yes, but totally natural.

The 8 Ball Has The Answer Every Time

… or does it? Let’s break down the process of asking the question and receiving the magical answer:

  • You hold the ball, hoping for a positive answer.
  • You ask the question: “Will I be a millionaire by next Christmas?”
  • You shake the ball (or click the button on your Facebook application!)
  • The answer appears. “Without a Doubt!
  • You feel good and positive and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Thank you Magic 8 Ball.

The alternative is this:

  • The answer is “Don’t Count on it
  • You feel disappointed, resigned to a life of mediocrity and lose all motivation for the rest of the day or…
  • You decide you don’t believe in the stupid Magic 8 Ball anyway, but it still sows a seed of doubt about your ability to be a millionaire by next Christmas, even though you may not realize it.

Well this is a limited view of the situation I know, but just an example. You see, whatever your belief is, where your focus is, if perpetuated will determine the outcome, so receiving a positive answer will naturally create thoughts and feelings of a more positive nature in line with your goal. A negative answer will be more likely to cause you to focus likewise. Remember it’s all subconscious.

The reality therefore, I believe is that you are the one who is actually answering the question. The Magic 8 Ball is simply providing a random response. It’s not even an answer to a question. It’s a display of one of a select number of predetermined yes/no/maybe answers. The real answer is your perception of what you read on the display of The Magic 8 Ball.

The Veil of Magical Thinking
Magical thinking is the way of thinking and seeing the world that we do as children: Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies and so on. It is also a little bit of a problem in the so-called new-age movement (I hate that term) and certain areas of the most recent swell in the self growth world. Just mention The Secret to some people and they instantly make a decision about you and your “Believing in fairies“. Even the mention of meditation to some people invokes the same response.

Magical thinking is a problem because it acts as a way of distracting you from focusing on how this all actually works; how you fit into this universe and how you create it. There is nothing magic about it. Gravity was a magical phenomenon until it was given a name and an explanation. There is a science to things we may label as miracles, coincidences and lucky breaks and it starts with the brain. If you didn’t filter out most of what is coming in you would be totally dysfunctional.

The Magic 8 Ball, to get back on subject, is therefore influencing your focus on something to be a particular way, either positive, negative or possibly confused. It’s easy to guess which way the outcomes will most likely turn out with either a positive or negative focus, but what about confusion? Well it could go either way and either way it will take longer to come to fruition and that can be a lifetime of self imposed torture.

My Example of a Messy Focus and The Magic 8 Ball
I remember a few years ago when I had a big plan which would take me to the USA to pursue my dream of being a rock star. I had already been pursuing this for a number of years and had become very, very attached to the outcome (dreading what my life would be like if I failed in that intention). I have to admit also that I wasn’t really putting the required effort into making it happen, like doing whatever it takes and this is key, which is why I can see now that it wasn’t actually what I wanted. The music career, yes. Going about it the rock star way, probably not.

I was working a nightshift, which wasn’t very fulfilling or healthy and there was a Magic 8 Ball on the desk of one of the day staff. I used to stop at that desk on the way to making a cup of tea while my shift partner wasn’t looking and ask my questions. “Will my dream come true?”, “Will I be successful”. At the same time I had another dream I wanted to achieve, which was actually rather incompatible with the first one and enough to throw the most chronically confused message to the universe about what it was I actually wanted. I had been traveling to South East Asia the year before where I met a wonderful woman and our friendship/relationship was slowly but surely developing over the phone. I used to ask questions about the outcome of that too and on the whole the answers I got from that were normally more on the affirmative, positive side than the rock star dream: A real “mind job” at the time!

I did make it to the USA, but it didn’t work out. No need to bore you with any details about that. I came back to the UK, sat around feeling lost for a few months, doing some odd jobs to help pay some bills and decided to go back to Thailand to see if there was a future with the lady in dream number 2. Indeed there was and is and this is where I now find myself married to the woman of my dreams and having achieved part of my dream lifestyle and pursuing the rest of it, which ironically isn’t too far removed from the other goal I had of making music for a living. Only this time the attachment to being a rock star has gone. Instead a realization that music is a huge part of who I am and to make sure I create music, whether it is my source of income or not.

That reminds me of an intention I made a few years ago also. To fulfil my destiny as a musician. That is quite a scary thing to intend because for all I knew then, my destiny as a musician could have been to one day hang up my guitar and I was still very attached to “making it” at the time.

OK so this has digressed a little from The Magic 8 Ball, but to summarize. The Magic 8 Ball is a bit of fun. It is also more powerful than you might think, not because of the power contained within it, but because of the power contained in you. A power that is operating 24 hours a day, subconsciously and at your command. You feel a certain way about something you see, like a “Don’t Count on it” from The Magic 8 Ball and you are sending that feeling and attachment to it as a command to your subconscious and it’s “filtering & focusing team” to go actively seek out more of that feeling and outcome for you. It’s your own personal Google Search Engine and it is infallible at carrying out your orders.

With this in mind. I hope you can go on to enjoy The Magic 8 Ball whatever it says to you.