Blame Others – Also Known as Choosing a Victim Mentality


I saw this picture posted somewhere the other day and along with it some comments made by people agreeing with the sentiment, somehow championing this idea. I’m a very open minded person with respect for other’s opinions, but this sentiment is simply wrong.

The single biggest mistake made by the human race is the decision to blame other people for how we feel or act, when it is only ever us who choose how we feel or act. Other people may act in decidedly inappropriate, hurtful ways, but we choose how to react or not react to them ourselves. Nobody ever chooses that for us.

The idea that other people are directly responsible for how we feel or act is an excuse to neglect our own personal responsibility. While it is stated here under the guise of being some kind of empowered, strong position, it is in fact the opposite.

It is defensive and an admission that we are handing over all our personal power to others. How empowering is that?

Sadly there is a generation of people who equate strength with telling others “Where to get off” and a refusal to ever admit they are wrong, but it’s not wholly their fault. We are being brought up in a world dominated by manipulated images and distorted truths in the media and are being conditioned to live outside of what is the truth and what could be far more beneficial to us. Mostly for the sake of profit.

Those of us who recognise this can help do something about that by simply highlighting the truth or possible truths that maybe haven’t been considered by many people and thus help to free them from their own mistaken belief about themselves.

The hard truth is that you are the only person who has any power in choosing who you are, so if you blame others for how you feel or act, stop it right now and start living your life, not theirs!

Sorry for the lecture.