It’s Not "You" Who Does the Work

This is very important to remember.

When I say "You" I mean the character you have created as you play the role of "You" in your life. That is to say your ego, persona or whatever else you want to call it. This is the part that we all have to help us navigate the reality of everyday life, but also leads us into the false pretence that we can control everything from this perspective, which we cannot.

Whenever you hear the term "Handing it Over", this is the process of trusting that your intention will be realized, not through blind hope, but trust in your own belief that a solution will show itself to you, that you will have the awareness to see it when it does show and that you will be inspired to take the necessary action to complete its manifestation.

The action you take is always the completion step, the process of accepting the gift as it were. All else that is done by you is setting up the conditions for your seed to grow, by believing in it and trusting that you deserve it to come about.

If we can say that we have control over our destiny, it is only to the degree that we can remove our "character selves" from the equation and allow a deeper level of who we are to perform. I.e. letting go. The more you can let go of the need to control something, the more it will appear to be under your control. It will simply appear to go the way you’d prefer it to naturally.

The more we analyse it the more ridiculous it sounds and then gets you into a constant spin of thought and ego mind activity – back into the trap we fall! Just let go of the need to "win" all the time and just trust that every result has, on some level a winning aspect to it, however difficult that may sound.

The prize is there all the time for the taking and will appear when you are aware enough to notice and then simply collect.