To Start All Over Again

I have always believed this deep down, ever since I was a kid, but the truth is that I have allowed my doubting voice to have too much say in the past and even fell for the illusion that once you reach a certain age then there isn’t much left you can hope to achieve.

Well I have seen enough evidence, up close to convince me that you can achieve your life-long ambitions even if you feel it’s too late. You can’t believe the stories told to you by doubters or what you see on TV or in the newspapers. There’s more reality in your dreams than there is in the media, so which do you trust more?

The more you learn to really know yourself, trust yourself and be yourself the more success, fulfillment and happiness you experience because it’s those things that create fulfilment, happiness and success. The more you know, trust and are able to be yourself then the more obstacles you will overcome because they will just not appear as obstacles anymore, just things to do, which incidentally will provide some excitement and things to love along the way.

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust? So just believe in the fact that while there is breath in your body then you are still in the game and you can still win, even if you have to start all over again!

Well it’s Christmas day, so my best wishes to you and whatever your Christmas day is like, it could be the start of something better than you could ever hope to dream for.

Merry Christmas.