There is a Difference Since “The End of the World”

Soon after the new year started I decided to get more disciplined in meditating since I had stopped doing it regularly for a while. I was using the Brain EV System regularly, but the usual excuses of having no time to meditate got in the way.

The same day I decided to get disciplined again I had a conversation with a friend who had also just started meditating again after a fairly long hiatus. He was quite excited and was eager to share a recent experience with me. This is what he asked me:

“Have you meditated at all since the supposed end of the world date?” he asked, going on to say “Try it, it seems to be ridiculously easy to get into a deep state of meditation quickly” He went into more detail about recent experiences of his meditation and so I was excited to get back into it, having already decided that I would. This made it even more of an exciting prospect.

The next afternoon I took some time out of my day and meditated. In the past, using the Brain EV System was hugely effective, but I chose to meditate unassisted this time to see what the experience would be like. Just a 10 or 15 minute session would be enough for now.

I sat cross-legged on the bed and simply started focusing on my breathing – no ritual about it, simply an intention to quieten my mind. After between 5 or 10 minutes I felt like I had been in a good meditative state and felt that I had benefitted greatly from the meditation. “Maybe my friend is right” I thought. When I checked my clock I noticed I had been meditating for 35 minutes and my legs were completely numb, which I didn’t notice until I uncrossed my legs to put my feet on the floor.

During the meditative state I was in I could see lots of colours, like a kaleidoscope of blue, gold, green, red, orange, purple. It was extremely vivid. It also appeared to me like an eye and through it it looked like the night sky full of stars, as if this eye of colour was a gateway to the entire universe.

I have been meditating daily again and each time the experience is pretty much the same in varying degrees of intensity, I suppose depending on my own frame of mind that day.

But in my experience effective meditation is much easier now than it was , so I think something has happened with the completion of this galactic cycle that ended recently. I hope this means we are closer to moving on positively in our evolution as human beings.

I will try meditating with the Brain EV System soon too (I use the final level – 7). I winder if that will take it to an even deeper level? I will report!