Physical & Mental Health are One and the Same.

Fasten your seatbelts for the Mind/Body series appearing throughout the next month or so. It is very common for those of us who embark on a deliberate exploration of our potential and personal growth to become involved in healthier living practices on all levels.

Some people start their journey on the path of applying new ways of thinking – trying to be more positive for example and become more aware of physical health along the way, adopting healthier eating and exercise practices too. Others start on a journey of improving their physical health and discover new ways to apply their minds further down that path, becoming more aware of healthy mind activity.

This is because both these aspects of health are connected. It is not very likely for you to maintain a healthy, positive, successful and strong mindset for very long if you do not put the same work into maintaining your physical health. We have mentioned before, many times that how you feel has a big affect on your thoughts and therefore how you create certain results and outcomes in your life. It’s also very difficult to remain physically healthy without a healthy way of thinking; due to your stress level and general feeling of well being impacting on your physical health practice.

The Mind/Body series aims to address how and why both sides are so important for supporting each other and to explain how attention to health on all levels is necessary for a truly healthy and therefore happy and fulfilling lifestyle to be achieved.

After recently having to encounter a physical health issue of my own, even after years of possessing what I thought was a high level of awareness of my own integral health system, I have had a good reminder of how critical it is to give the highest priority of awareness to diet, physical well being and how it affects thoughts, decisions, mood and general quality of life.

Applying awareness to the integral nature of mind and body health will result in much greater success in achieving the lifestyle you desire exponentially more than focusing on just one or the other. They are both parts of the same engine and both need equal servicing!

More to come.