Rediscovering the Silva Life System

You Got The Silva!

Being the sort of person who likes to try different methods out to see what is effective, especially as different methods and teachings work better for some than others I tend to look back over time to see what may be interesting to revisit and try again.

After quite a long hiatus from the Silva Life System material I recently thought about diving into it again because I had left it alone for some time and had even forgotten about it. About 2 years ago I was finding the Silva training very beneficial to my general feeling of personal power, which had a knock on effect of me getting pretty good at creating the results I wanted at the time, but I remember leaving it alone for a while to try out other material.

I don’t think it is a good idea to be going through different teachings at the same time, even if it’s for the simple reason of getting confused by different wording of the same principles, so I decided to simply read a select number of books and stop engaging with other programs that I had “on the go”.

I have to say that I have paid for rather a lot of different programs of this nature over the years, mainly so I felt qualified to write about them. There is the opportunity to make some money from sales as an affiliate for some of these programs (Silva being one of them), but I only feel comfortable promoting such a product if I feel I benefited from it myself and actually have some tangible benefit I can share here on this website.

I will regularly report on my findings with the Silva Life System. I have found it to be about the most effective of all the material I have tried in cultivating a stronger mindset, greater feeling of well-being and giving me extra confidence in pursuing my goals.. and actually achieving them.

I will be posting here soon an account of all the achievements I have made since 2008 and some of the twists and turns involved along the way. The Silva Life System has definitely played a part.

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