On Your Bike!

I had a great conversation with a good friend of mine last week. The setting was a lovely house in the tropics with the doors open onto the garden, watchning my little girl enjoying the pool with my wife and playing some guitar with my friend.

It was the perfect reminder for me that I am living the life I always dreamed about. Maybe everyday isn’t always perfect, of course, but in that moment and many other moments on a regular basis I am living my dream, even if there are small pieces of the puzzle yet to fall into place.

What I learned from the conversation was very inspiring for me and helped my faith in certain goals being achieved.

The conversation was about the difference between belief and faith and what that means in how strong you are in manifesting your desires or achieving your goals. In the last year or less I have seen much of my "Big Life Dream" come together in a most amazing way. I am now, on a daily basis doing what I love, what I always wanted to do, what I had been affirming to myself for a few years and finally I can see the very real results of all that energy I have put in. I have been shown positive results which have strengthened my confidence that what I believe is possible for me is indeed possible and better! I have faith, where before all I had was belief, or a desire to believe at least.

This is an important distinction. You can believe something, really believe in it, but when you start seeing a real result that proves what you believe in actually exists, it makes the big goal or dream seem closer you may have imagined. You now have faith.

Here is my friend’s analogy:

I Can recommend to you a great bike mechanic who fixed my bicycle and did a great job for a great price and you can believe what I tell you, so you know that you could get your bike fixed well for a good price, but only when you have taken your bike to that same mechanic and seen the results for yourself on your bike can you have faith in the fact that he is every bit as good as you were told.

I’ve believed for a long time that what I wanted to do with my life was possible, but it is only recently that I have true faith because life has shown me some tangible results to prove it is possible. Tangible and relevant to me and my life, just because the same success may have happened to someone else doesn’t always give you enough evidence to convince you in your own mind that it is possible for you.

So just keep hammering away until the first result shows, the next one comes quicker and easier and before long you will not have any doubt about it at all. That is when the scale tips in favour of faith.