You Are the Welcoming Party

Referring back to a recent post about living your dream right now instead of waiting for it to happen before you start, here is an analogy that I hope will help get you into the mood for making your dreams come true

Imagine your dream, goal or however else you wish to refer to it as is on it’s way to you. It may have a long way to get here or it may be just around the corner, but you don’t know for sure. What you must ensure though, so your dream doesn’t pass you by is to be ready to welcome it when it arrives.

As mentioned in the above-linked post, this is not about waiting for it to happen because that assumes some kind of "Will it, won’t it happen" kind of thoughts, which amount to not much more than blind hope. You must believe that success is certain; a belief made stronger by playing the part now, or in this analogy, preparing your welcoming party for the homecoming of your desire.

Setting up any homecoming welcome is a joyous exercise because it usually involves being reunited with a loved one and so is the case with your desire. You have already experienced it in the form of thinking about it, affirming it and visualizing it, getting into the feeling that you will have when you achieve it. Living it as best you can right now is effectively preparing your banner, balloons, the food, the music and inviting the guests.

This is going to be a celebration that will go down in history because it is for the arrival of what is in your heart. OK so this sounds a bit sentimental, but the principle is the same. Imagine how you would feel if you learned that somebody you love, who has been forced to spend time away from you, is now coming home? That would be joyous news for you I’m sure. Shouldn’t it be the same if you learned that your heart’s desire had been granted and was being dispatched?

Best of luck. There’s much to be set up.