Get into the Right Place at the Right Time

What I write here is almost always inspired by personal experience and this post is no exception.

Things have been very challenging for the last year or so. For a while I think I must have forgotten about everything I write about on this website. Without realizing it I seemed to have adopted a bit of a panic mindset where I was trying to make something happen to no avail and then falling into the trap of trying even harder – in short I suppose I was pushing any success or results away  the more I tried.

Then at some point I was forced to calm down. I’m not sure what jolted me awake to that realization, but I did realize that I should stop trying and just allow things to find their natural flow for a while.

I stopped pushing and instead just got creative, making sure I was busy doing things that are about what I based my heart’s desire on. Of course I dealt with whatever practicalities needed to be dealt with too.

It can be difficult when fear takes over, especially when it is centered around the usual issues that face many of us: Getting the bills paid, for example. But the required action in such a case is not so much a physical action, but an action of detaching yourself from the “story” that is playing in your mind.

That is the key I have found – that to become involved in the story is what takes you away from your source of personal power; power to create your next chapter. Instead of being driven by what needed to be resolved I decided to keep busy by any way that happened to feel right at the time. Much of what I did to occupy myself could have been viewed as hiding away from the “important issues” or running away from my responsibilities, but it didn’t take very long for an opportunity to present itself, in fact several that all are in line with my heart’s desire – exactly what I was focused on. I got myself into the right place at the right time.

It’s all too easy to get distracted from the voice of your heart, but remember that the voice of reason can sometimes be the voice of your jailer. Don’t be imprisoned in too much reason and practicality. Your heart doesn’t understand those things too well. Maybe because in the grand scheme of things, they don’t make all that much sense!

Stay busy following your chosen path as often as you possibly can and you will have more chances of being in the right place at the right time.