The Silva Life System: Review

I invested in the Silva Method Training after a recommendation by somebody I trust.

As I have already made very clear on this web site and will continue to do so, my intentions are to provide purely authentic reviews and accounts of every resource I recommend and that means, investing the money and the time to do just that.

I had a little trouble with the Silva Method whilst going through the course modules and this is why I postponed reviewing it for a while because I wanted to get to the bottom of why. I have mentioned that it is very powerful material and throughout the program I just couldn’t see that I was getting any benefit. The information contained in the CDs made perfect sense to me intellectually and even got me excited about all the possibilities, but as I went through each module I just felt overwhelmed with all the information and found myself unable to practice any of the techniques or keep my attention on the exercises at the end of each module.

I felt like I had wasted my money, but not because the program wasn’t any good; more like I was the one who was beyond “fixing”. I had finished the course modules and had no idea how to practice the techniques outside of the lessons because I couldn’t remember all the things I was suppose to be affirming to myself or the order in which to do things whilst going into a meditative state and that was when it hit me:

I have been looking at all of this from the totally wrong perspective. I spotted a belief I had about myself (about time) that I was broken and needed fixing and I was looking for a program to provide the magic pill. Then I realized that is what I do with every single self-growth tool I try. I am looking to fix myself, so with the realization that I do not need fixing I have seen that I was onto a loser every time.

So the secret to this program, well every program out there really is that they are not there to improve you. They cannot do that. Information does not heal or provide results, application of information, specific ways of thinking and acting do that and there is only one person who can do that for you… Can you guess who that is?

So this review is becoming less about the actual product and more about the significance of how to approach such a product.

The Silva Method is an extremely practical method for programming your mind for you to naturally apply these specific and beneficial ways of thinking and therefore acting and if you are really clear of this fact then I believe it can transform your day to day life. Depending on who you are or how stuck you are in certain beliefs (mostly subconscious ones) it may take some time. I think the secret is not to rely on it to make your life better. Think of it as a place you can go whenever you feel like it to get advice and guidance, find inspiration or to apply your imagination towards fulfilling goals you have set for yourself.

There is no prize for speed, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, because when you are ready you will have such a deep understanding of how you fit into everything and how naturally easy it is to create the results you want and it will just click, so whether you use the Silva method to focus your mind or not, this is how is works in life.

Apply yourself to empowering thought, positive thoughts. Focus on what you want. Try to spot when you are focusing on what you don’t want (any time you feel bad in any way is a good indication of that) and flip those thoughts around to what you do want. When you have a clear idea of where you are, where you want to be and what you want to be, you will find it easier to fine tune that vision every day until your subconscious takes it on and does it all for you.

This is all it takes to be like all those other people you see who always seem to get what they want and always seem to have a smile on their face.

My summary of The Silva Method Training is that it is always relevant and is not about doing it once and feeling great once. It didn’t make me feel great; it didn’t make me feel bad either, but it helped me understand what is really going on for me and that I can use this method any day I choose. The Silva Method Training has helped me see that I have everything it takes and now I have some more tools in the toolbox to apply when I feel I need to.

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21 comments on “The Silva Life System: Review
  1. joyce says:

    hi rob

    i too have finished the centerpointe success solution. think i should go back and revisit the principles. was looking for something new and came upon the silva method and was curious as to the reviews and stumbled onto your blog.

    understand and agree with what you say: tools cannot fix us, only we have the power to do so, to apply the tools. thanks for your honest opinions

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks Joyce,
    I decided to leave The Silva Method alone for a while and just be as connected as I could possibly be to those around me and the things I do day to day. This has proved great medicine actually.

    I am now considering going through the Silva method training and reporting on it in the same manner that I do with my Holosync meditation. I think it could make interesting reading.

    Thanks for your support and enjoy reviewing the Success Solution (which I am finding is an amazing course)

  3. LifeSuccessMission says:

    Yes, this method is more practical.
    You can reap more benefits by practicing daily.

  4. sanjay sharma says:

    thanks for your review. because this review is a 8 months back so i am curious that it till tdday it has benefited to you or not. i am looking for this course so i am looking for the honest opinion. i know you have go through it so please let me know till date it really benefit to you.

    i am also doing the LPIP course and i am in the course one right now. it is amazing course. can it really help you in your life. just curious.

    sanjay sharma, india

  5. Rob says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    I appreciate you asking. The most honest answer I can give you is that I believe I have benefitted from it.

    As part of my investigation here and my own personal interest I participate in several programs and to give any of them a fair review I have to be careful that I don’t confuse the issue doing too many different things at once.

    It is difficult to say exactly how the Silva method has benefitted me in terms of tangible results, seeing as they may also have been brought about by my use of other resources and material – LPIP for example.

    Here is my summary though. I believe that the Silva method is a terrific investment for several reasons:
    They provide a wealth of information and support material, they have been going a long time and have a strong track record of benefit to their participants. No product would achieve such longevity without actually being the real deal.

    Also I know for a fact that my progress in life towards living exactly the life I desire has accelerated so massively in the last year and it co-incides with being exposed to the Silva method material. It has, if nothing else, enabled me to raise my level of self awareness, which i sone of the biggest benefits of any activity or system because it is that which gives you more power over creating your life the way you want it instead of being at the mercy of it.

    I have done other programs, sure, so they play a part too, but the thing to remember is that any program you do lasts for life, whether you continue to practice it or not. It is very rare to suddenly have your life transformed after you finish the final lesson or practice session of any system, but be sure that once you “finish” a program, you are just beginning.

    I have not reported any more on the Silva system because I have not consistently practiced it every day. This has been a conscious decision and you have reminded me that it is maybe the right time to dive in again and do some more extensive reporting over time.

    I hope this satisfactorily asnwers your question. I know how frustrating it can be looking for specific answers when nobody will ever have the exact experience you will have, but I would be selling you (and Silva) short if I just told you that everything in my life got better as soon as I started the program.

    Whether you do it every day, stop it for a year or stop it for good I believe it will always play its part if you have exposed yourself to the teachings it provides.

    I hope that is OK.

    The best of success to you.

  6. sanjay sharma says:

    thanks for answering. i really appreciate your lengthy answer for my query. frankly i am in dilemma. because i have two option right now. one is the secret of deliberation creation of Dr. Robert Anthony and this silva plroduct. i am not able to choose what is best for me. can you suggest which one is good for me.

    secondly you are also doing the LPIP course and on the third and final part of the course 8 months before. is this really help you in your life. i am in the first course and this is very difficult for me. i am imaging that how can you are going through life by focus on what you want and also doing the witnessing. but is it really possible for an average person to be master in witnessing and focus on what i want. because it is really hard for me. any comment on this is really appreciated.


    sanjay sharma, india

  7. Rob says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    It is very important you keep in mind that I am not an authority like the teachers that actually provide the programs you have mentioned.

    At this point I would suggest you stick with LPIP and just focus on that.
    The LPIP program was very powerful for me mainly because it gradually got me to see certain beliefs I had.

    I found it quite difficult on the first course too, but this is because you are opening the lid on something that you have become used to hiding away.

    The LPIP course provides you with excellent and individual email support and advice and I recommend you use that service. You will get a great deal of benefit from that.

    Like I said in my last comment. I am still benefitting from LPIP, seeing as all the program does is sow the seed of change in you. How quickly it grows is how much you feed that seed and how you nurture it.

    It sounds like you have a belief that you cannot focus on what you want and you are not good enough to achieve your goals or be successful.

    This is one of the biggest things stopping you right now. Because you have a belief that it is not possible for you to create your life the way you want it, you experience an inability to decide what you want to do or what is the best decision to make.

    Indecision is nearly always based on a fear of making the wrong decision. There is no wrong decision.

    This belief is just a story. I used to think like that and it took time to change this. Starting this website actually played a big part in getting me more focused.

    Using your LPIP material, get clear about what it is you want for your life and find things to do that will take you closer to that, even if it reading a book, but NEVER try and use a program with the idea that it is going to just fix you. You have to do more than just listen to it or read it.

    My advice is to just stick with LPIP and not invest in the other programs just yet. Get really into LPIP now, really enjoy it and look at it like a fun exercise. You can’t expect everything to suddenly be perfect for you when you wake up in the morning. Allow changes to come naturally and just keep doing the work.

    Here’s some advice I have: If you are having trouble focusing on what you want then choose for example, that you want to be able to make clear decisions by yourself and trust them no matter what. Focus on the LPIP course (I assume you are using Holosync too, so continue with that) and don’t be concerned with how or when you will get a breakthrough.

    By staying focused on doing the LPIP course you are in fact focusing on something that you want, which is positive change, so whatever happens, you are going in the right direction.

    Please don’t just take my word for it though. Don’t forget to use the Centerpointe LPIP support service!

    I hope this helps.

    Here is another post I wrote about Information Overload.

    All the best

  8. sanjay sharma says:

    thanks rob for your support. this comment is full of wisdom and i really like it. i actually taken the only questions & answers group which is silver group. now i am going to convert it to the gold group and than i am able to ask the questions.

    i have only one question. how can you enjoy this process. i mean that when you are witnessing than how can you enjoy that witnessing. because it is drained for me. if you any tip for this than please let me know.

    and best of luck for your website. i really like it.


    sanjay sharma, india

  9. Rob says:

    Hi Sanjay,
    Truly witnessing carries with it no judgement, so to me that means that there is no requirement for you to enjoy it.

    It is simply a process of being able to watch yourself and your reaction to something as if you were watching somebody else.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by it being drained. If you mean it makes you feel drained of energy then it sounds like you are trying to “do” witnessing. It is not something you really do, but more a shift in your way of being.

    It can take some time and it just happens. The important point is to enjoy the process of enquiry and discovery that you are on. I mean enjoy the fact that you are taking steps to create your life more purposefully.

    Don’t have any expectations of what it should feel like “on the other side”. If you were learning a new language, it would take time and you may even get frustrated at times. This will take time too. Just remember that it’s not about trying to get it right, but simply seeing what is there. Nothing else.

    Good luck with that.

  10. sanjay sharma says:

    thanks rob for insights. i am going towards the LPIP lesson. and i really appreciate your reply towards my questions.

    sanjay sharma, india

  11. Caroline says:

    Hi Rob,rw I just wanted to say, reading your reviews and comments, that it is an absolute pleasure and very heart warming to see your generosity & honesty, and to really spend time to help Sanjay above. I wanted to show my appreciation.

    I hope things are working out for you. I truly agree with your review above. I too, kept looking for what would fix me, but now I am centred on loving and accepting myself just as I am.

    Much love light your way

    • Rob says:

      Thank you Caroline for the feedback. It’s nice to get feedback like that.

      I know how difficult it can be in an indecisive situation and I still go there on occasion. It’s one of my automatic things.

      All the best to you too and please feel free to express your opinions elsewhere on this site if you feel compelled to.


  12. Caroline says:

    Hi Rob,

    O boy do I go there myself : ) and I wonder why when I am fully aware that being in limbo, not making a decision, is actually the worst place to be. I have left so much time go by deliberating on which path to take so many times, that i really do hope I have learned. I am not going to buy another program or book or anything for the time being, I am presently using the stuff I already know and it’s working.

    It was while looking at the Silva Package that led me here and your comment confirmed for me to go as I am and work on what i already know as the last thing i need now is more information and when i know i have mastered what i already learned, I may use it then, as you say for self enhancement not fixing. I l like that!

    I will have a look at the rest of your site. I am currently working on a site myself.

    Take Care

    • Rob says:

      Good luck with your site and if you need any advice in that area, just ask.

      I deliberately spend less time on the internet and my sites these days after getting too tied up with trying to run several websites. Now I just write when I feel really inspired to do so rather than just to keep the site up to date.

      Your comments have injected a little life into this site, so thanks for that.

      All the best.

  13. Gyan Sahoo says:

    I completed the BLS this January’10 in India and I have benefited lots and lots. If you agree, then I can share my experiences with you.

  14. Sandy says:


    While searching for material on self-improvement, I happened across the Silva Life System. That lead me to your site as I was looking for a review of the program.

    Wow… You hit the nail on the head…. “Looking for something to fix me”. As I was doing just that… and actually, feeling broken… at times.

    After reading your words about that, it brought a “lifting” or “lightness”.

    I have been working another program and was feeling like I was missing something. And the feeling of “fix me” was it…

    Thank you.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the comment Sandy. I found it was far more effective for me to be less concerned about the result, whatever that may or may not be.

      Instead I kept myself occupied with what I enjoyed about the process and viewed it as an ongoing result of sorts… If that makes any sense!

  15. Dorothy says:

    The Silva Method is really an amazing program,I practised for 11days with Full concentration Specially The intuition exercise In Silva Usp is amazing I feel conscious during my sleep and more control over the brain. I could see Some events unfolding during my sleep and if my brain was guiding to events,I have extended my projects contract with more people now.
    More relaxed technique is so suitable for me as I cant spent long hours in yoga meditation.
    It may be not the best program but it has worked for me & I feel I should explore this program more to achieve its benefit.
    I wonder why this program was not taught in my schools days when i had such low grades making me the worst student in class.
    Thank you Silva. Thank you God.

  16. tina says:

    This method will absolutely work. Visualization is key to changing your subconscious. Your subconscious WILL believe and manifest whatever you truly believe, tell it, and visualize. End of story.

    I have used other material before this explaining that visualization and the use of mantras can change your subconscious however, I didn’t know how to do that. This program gives me a method to use the knowledge I gained from my initial program and research. The Pacific Institute and Lou Tice are the information I am referring to. Together this is a wonderful set of tools.

  17. MindBody says:

    I have been working through the Silva Method digital program. I definitely think there are benefits to it, but if I did it again, I would listen to the entire audio program before doing the exercises because it would make more sense as a complete package.

  18. MeditatorUK says:

    My experience is that it can take quite a bit of time to see the benfits of the Silva Method. My view is that old patterns and beliefs can block progress, but regular practise can help.

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