Tips on Developing a Healthier Mind Set

I am about to start work on an extensive, free series of tips that will help you to change your habitual ways of thinking in the areas where you desire change. Of course, where we desire change is only what we are actually conscious of and I have found that simply by engaging in the process of applying a deliberate awareness of my day to day thoughts and internal dialog I have discovered other habitual thought patterns that I see are slowing my progress or blocking my well-being, so I can then tend to those.

We all have many unconscious beliefs and habits that are not doing us much good, or at best are at odds with the direction we are actively trying to steer our lives in. So many in fact that it is just too much to expect to be able to change them all at once.

This is the reason I am constructing a series of The tips will delivered by email, be deliberately short and to the point, making them as quick as possible to read and to start implementing. This should hopefully make the process more fun, taking the focus away from study and hard work and onto making progress. I hope this will be of benefit. Weekly tips will be sent out to subscribers of the I would love to hear any opinions, ideas and feedback regarding this project. For example, would you like more than one tip per week or less?

At Your Service.