How Do I Start Believing?

It’s one thing to say you must start believing in something new in order to see desired progress, but how then do we start believing in something, especially when we either don’t currently believe in it or are not even aware we have a limiting belief?

Pondering over this question is the easiest way to slow your momentum and stop you in your tracks. It’s a pointless question and is one that would have you try and pass the responsibility for right thinking over to somebody or something outside of you.

It’s very simple. Again, back to awareness. It’s all about awareness!

The less noise going on in your mind, the more awareness you have access to. The more aware you are, the more opportunity you have to notice where your beliefs are currently and whether or not they correlate to what you want to achieve. In most cases where progress is not occurring for you, you will find a conflict between what you want and what you believe is true or possible. That conflict, bubbling under in the subconscious mind consumes a vast chunk of your available energy and thus steals your ability to maintain a higher level of awareness.

What is your current, priority goal? It can be anything at all as long as it is something you absolutely know will make a desired improvement in your life. Once you have defined that, write it down and say it to yourself throughout the day as if you are stating it as already having been achieved. It won’t take long to discover if you have a belief that is in conflict with it. As soon as you have any doubt about what you just said to yourself or wrote down, stop yourself and ask, "Why the doubt?". At the bottom of a feeling of doubt you will find an internal conversation – A Belief!

Once you have found that, you have overcome about 80% of a limiting belief. It is exposed and no longer has the advantage of stealth. You can now get on with affirming your goal until you start to see some improvement, no matter how small.