Making that Relationship Work!

So you may have read that you have a relationship with food, even if you don’t realize that you do. What does that mean exactly?

Well the main thing to remember is that with anything, you have a way of relating to it, but food, which is one thing that human beings cannot live without is so important and so a part of everyday existence that preparing and eating food has somehow been turned into an automatic act with little thought and much neglect for the very purpose of food – to give us the energy we need to life a fulfilling life.

If you had that kind of relationship with your spouse or your children, they would be pretty unimpressed with you I’m sure. The thought and care most people take regarding their diet is akin to ignoring your loved ones most of the time and providing little more than a grunt occasionally instead of conversation or words of love and support. How long would a relationship like that last?

So it is that a level of good health lasts precious little time when you have such a crappy and dismissive relationship with the very thing that keeps you alive. There is nothing more important or crucial to your life than what you eat. Some people don’t even know if they will have anything to eat today or when they will next get anything to eat. You can bet that they have a more profound relationship with food that most people in more affluent parts of the world. They have very real reason to know the importance of food and what it is for because they can feel it.

Questioning your relationship with food is the first thing, once you have an idea of how you really relate to what you feed your mind and body, you can then take steps to steer it in the right direction – the direction of health and vitality.

That’s when the fun starts!