If Success is defined in terms of:

  • Money – Then it is the freedom from the feeling of needing money, not the possession of it.
  • Power – Then it is the power you have to create your own life the way you choose it, not the power you have over others.
  • Control – Then it is the control you have over how you feel in any given moment , not the control you have over outside circumstances.

Success is closer to home than you may think and is nothing to do with anything outside of you.

We all know that success means different things to different people, but what do you really think of when you hear or say the word "Success"?

I was thinking about this recently and a thought came to me. I was just about to share it with my wife when, as soon as I got to the word success, she interrupted me and proceeded to explain to me what success is in her words. What was interesting was that she said pretty much what I was about to share with her, except she said it like she’d known all along, which I suspect she has!

Here is the definition of success as was discussed the other night between my wife and I. This is not an opinion I am trying to preach by the way, but a suggestion. One that really works for me. I would love to hear comments on this.

Success is discovering who you are. Not who you think you are, but what lies underneath. It is the discovery of what is your true heart’s desire, what gets you out of bed in the morning and what naturally motivates you without any necessity for outside forces to keep you motivated.

Success comes when you know yourself. There is no finish line, so it’s not about achieving a financial goal. It is not happiness derived from material achievements. I’m not denying the that material goals are pleasurable, but they do not define success, they only represent a fraction of it.

To succeed is to remember what it is that is held deep within you, what you were born with and are here to share. By discovering your uniqueness and expression of it, you have success because your whole way of being will be in alignment with who you are and there will be no resistance to what is because you will be who you truly are and therefore want to be.

If you want to succeed then get to know yourself and the by product will be all those material manifestations and experiences that you desire, because desiring them is a part of the process of being your true self. This isn’t about sacrifice because often what we pursue in life is not what our heart desires, but our head, which is why frustration is so apparent as an experience for most of us. By embracing your essence, if you identify it you are opening up a channel for anything and everything into your life, so sacrifice is the complete opposite of what is the truth.

So success is being who you truly are and being true to yourself all the time. There is no end goal really but an intention for unfolding your life as is congruent with your purpose, which will inspire you to set many goals along the way without attachment or fear. If you look at people in this world who are successful as defined by most people then you will find that they have found what it is that is their essence and they are guided by it… and they share it.

Dr. John DeMartini defines a genius as somebody who listens to their heart and follows what it tells them. That takes bravery, faith and focus, but those are all traits that you posses. To live every moment with bravery, faith and focus is to live successfully because you will be honoring your contract with your spirit, so to speak.

What do you think. Do you have anything to add to this? Please leave your comments.